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Past Life Regression NY encourages all patients to send in their testimonials! You can write a passage about your experience in the message box located on the contact page.

I have been working with Gloria De Pietro for several years.  She is a gifted and talented facilitator as a past life therapist and an art therapist.  Her sessions are gentle and professional and the results have been profound for me.  After the session, Gloria emails a write up of the progress we made.  I highly recommend her for multiple issues including focusing on the future while understanding and uncovering the past.


Gloria did a past life regression with me and I had a transformative experience. She is a kind and compassionate healer. During our session together, Gloria was patient with me and guided me through a journey to an authentic past life. 

I highly recommend Gloria to facilitate a past life regression for you. I hope it gives you clarity on current life issues the way it did for me.

L. P. - Red Hook, New York 

This process called “regressing” was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It was powerful because it enabled me to “unlock” my mind and journey to wherever my thoughts and feelings would take me. In particular this regression allowed me to let go of a specific emotional issue, which had burdened me for a long time. This experience allowed me to move ahead in my life with greater strength, confidence and clarity.

ANNE ALLEN - Princeton, New Jersey

Gloria has a great open, calming and nurturing presence that allowed me to feel safe and cared for as we journeyed to a past life of mine. The trauma and patterns that came up during the session were such a strong overlap to my life now that I knew I had to heal this to finally break those patterns and level up. Not only does she walk you through the past life to see the trauma and cycles, but then helps your spirit heal emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually in a space, the Bardo. I feel a shift in myself only a week later at this point and am looking forward to seeing the effects as time goes on while my spirit continues to heal and transcend in the bardo. Thank you Gloria!!!