Past Life Regression Center

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How does it work?

Every time you reincarnate you are the manifestation of your soul in the world with all of the knowledge and life experiences you have had, in all of your combined life time experiences. In many life times you have experienced life altering events. Some of which left indelible marks on your soul. To be sure your soul remembers everything and your body is also a compilation of all of your experiences as well. Some of these experiences have gone unresolved, especially if you have experienced a defeat in a past life time; you will want to correct the wrong that was done to you. This is how we learn.

For example: If you were left standing at the altar waiting for your beloved who never came;  you will want to reconnect with him/her, you may now feel that you can’t trust anyone or you’re still waiting for someone. In the regression we would go back and find out what happened to him/her. If he/she died in route to the blessed nuptials that would be one thing, if he/she was prevented by someone else from making it, that is an entirely different scenario. Or perhaps he/she just couldn’t go through with it and couldn’t face you. That again is very different. You can see that there are many sides to a story and if you don’t know, then how can you correct the feelings of being rejected or the feeling of having a broken heart.

In the regression we go back to the event find out what happened and come to an understanding with all those who were involved. You may be surprised to know that many of the people in that life story are people you know now who are part of your soul group that incarnated with you in order to learn and grow. All I do is help you remember. By allowing the memory to surface I can guide you to find out what happened and uncover how it is still resonating in your mind, heart and body now.

Sometimes unresolved issues will manifest in physical health problems such as (broken heart) heart disease, or rejection as low self-esteem, or fear of relationships. It is amazing to me how it will show up in the present day; the soul knows and the body remembers.

Session: Interview, regression and written report. The entire process can take up to 2 hours + the report is another hour of my own time and can be conducted on Skype or in my office. The report will be emailed within a few days of our session This report will outline the induction method used, your story and your resolution. All of this is confidential and on file for future reference… from $100.00 to $195.00

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral healing work deals directly with the spirits of generations past, De Pietro helps them to release and heal their ‘unfinished business’ helping them find their rightful place in the after-life, so that the present and future generations are free from any of their lingering karma and/or residue. Example that is very common is alcoholism which resonates in some family’s generation after generation. The reasons why you have been born into a certain family or ethnic group and live in a certain place is not a random choices. You may be carrying the legacy of past generations trying to resolve it.

An Ancestral Healing may take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half depending on the circumstances. This will be charged by an hourly rate and consist of a written report. Price is $75.00 an hour + $50.00 for the report.

Spirit Attachment Release

A spirit attachment is a spirit that consciously chooses to attach to someone. The principle in the spirit world is that like attracts like, a wandering spirit that has a similar unresolved issue that you may have, could become attached to your energy field and have unwanted results.

Earthbound spirits exist in a trance state. They often are unaware that they are dead, frequently they become attached to the living with no awareness that they have done so or because they are attracted to the person often resonating with them in some way. De Pietro is able to find the attached spirit and ask them to leave by finding out what their attraction is to the client, then healing them so they are free to move on and the client is cleared.

A Spirit Attachment release may take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half depending on the circumstances. This will be charged by an hourly rate and consist of a written report. Price is $75.00 an hour + $50.00 for the report.

 These audio files below are used for acquiring visual images and information from your subconscious. With the intention of making it available for your conscious mind to use for inter-growth and personal healing.